Creative Projects


We love to organize events. We also love to be creative. It’s an itch, and these are some of the ways we scratch it.

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We love to make film.

It’s the most collaborative artform we know. It’s a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. This is a small sampling of our projects. To see more, check out our Vimeo page. Even more film projects are in the pre-production, editing, or remastering stages.




Coffee for Communists

WXG Studios is in shambles, and radio host Grolph Mnudenmeister, steadfast janitor Ski Shanko, and local movie buff Michelobe Biggs are going down with the ship, but before they do, they’re bringing on board a few unusual guests (and of course you, fellow traveler). Tune in during the live recording season to call in — but remember, participation is mandatory!


Dude, Where’s My Poetry?

Dude, Where's My Poetry? was a poetry series organized by Will Stanier and Kelly Petronis. It showcased 3 poets + 1 singer/songwriter every 2 months + interviews on the creative process. The project is on hiatus, and there are still a couple episodes from old shows yet to be compiled, edited, and released. Stay tuned, but don’t hold your breath!

national conspirator mockup.png

The National Conspirator

If there’s something they aren’t telling you — and you know who they are… call us, and we’ll corroborate it! Now-dead host (coincidence??) Markuchius Borowski and Ted Mundy give their take on the wildest conspiracies out there in an enlightening, open-ended hunt for the truth.

(Season 1 is currently in progress.)



weenie cover blck white.png

Print isn’t dead!

At least, not for us. It’s a delight to put ink to paper and create something you can hold on to and use to start fires later… or whatever it is you do with books. This is a sampling of the zine projects we’ve put together. Hit us up if you’d like to get a copy!

weenie mag cover.png

Weenie Mag

Weenie Mag is Cheap Smut for the Modern Dope! Everything a degenerating mind needs, all within 18-or-so pages of hot-dog folded paper. Weenie Mag puts a new spin on spin, comments on the commentary, and refuses to remain silent about those things that remain most absurd. But mostly, Weenie Mag just doesn’t care what you think.

Some digital stories are available @ Otherwise, get the latest issues for $2.

Big Dick Energy.jpg

Big Dick Energy

“Big Dick Energy is a quantifiable, undeniable force of nature. Some of them peoples got it, but most just want it. If you don’t got it, then you gotta get it — in you or on you.” Big Dick Energy is a how-to guide on the world’s most elusive — yet sought after — force: Big Dick Energy.

Braum de Groots.png

Professor Braum de Groot’s Marvelous Catalog of Life Enhancing Electromagical Devices & Solutions

An extensive catalog of the industry’s most cutting-edge offerings. A must-have for any new-ager, orgone-addict, or electromagician.