Our Community

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Our comedy is about our community, and our theater will be a space in which they can tell their story.



Without funny people we’d be nowhere. We didn’t start as comics. Most of us still aren’t. But we did start by getting up on stage and telling jokes. Trust us when we say it is a special breed of person who risks their ego, bruises their pride, and vies for the glory of strangers’ laughter.

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This is a small sampling of the comics we’ve put on our stage. Krakin Jokes: the Movie is a film by James Preston, founder of Brimms and Riggs production company. Some more of the comics in our community were featured in his full-length documentary, Athens Rising, which showcases backyard and underground creative endeavors in Athens, GA, such as Krakin Jokes.



Every event is always, by necessity, a collaborative endeavor. These are the folks who put the pieces together so the magic can happen. We plan and promote events, cultivate audiences, and support artists in doing what they love to do… because that’s what we love to do!

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Kelly Petronis Programming Director

Comic, film director, and teacher. Kelly has helmed Krakin Jokes for the past 4 years. He wrote his masters thesis on the linguistics of improv comedy.

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Zach Parker Bar Manager

Bartender, social media influencer, and former journalist. Zach is driven by knowing people and telling their story with character.  



It takes a village, but some of those who have been most involved in Krakin Jokes over the years include Daniel Cutts, Ahndhi Sticha, Carter Roux, Landon Woodward, Jen Holt, Kelly Smith, Leslie Drennan, Randall Brammer, Mickey Boyd, Sean Simpson, Anna Adams, James Preston, Mel Bowerman, Arlena Wartell, Cartter Fontaine, Christine Williams and Will Stanier.

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To everyone we’re unable to mention here, you know who you are (and we do, too) — thank you for your ongoing support! This is a mosaic of some of the people who really make Krakin what it is.


Join the Community!

If you’d like to volunteer to help with upcoming shows, would like to help the theater get off the ground, or simply have a killer idea for a set, contact us!