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Krakin Jokes is evolving into the Flying Squid Theater.

We will provide Athens, GA a full-service comedy theater including standup comedy, improv, sketch, and film, as well as creative classes in all of the above. We will also offer a full-service bar, to complement the comedy and to cover our costs so that we can actually pay our talent what they deserve.


Krakin Jokes has created a community

Whether you are a performer or attended one of our house shows, we hope we have provided you with an enormous value over the four years of operating out of our home. We’d like to continue to provide this value to you and to the greater Athens community.


We got this far with you, we can’t go on without you.

We always need time, energy, love, support — but right now we need capital. Startup costs for a theater and bar are astronomical for the average townie like us, and we don’t have enough collateral to take out a loan for it all (trust us, we would go neck deep in debt if we could!). If you’re interested in our costs or prospective layout, check out the links above.

We have a location in negotiation, but we need buildout funds before we can sign a lease to secure a space and then kick of a crowdfunding campaign to raise operating funds from the broader community. We have invested so much into the Athens comedy community, and now we need you to invest in us. A nominal sum from a handful of people will allow us to lay the foundation for an institution that will enrich the lives of thousands of people and create a legacy we can leave for the next generation of Athenians to build upon.

Right now we are looking for foundational investors, sponsors, patrons, and lenders who can support us in the $5,000-10,000+ range. Aside from love, recognition, and providing you the best comedy this town has seen, let us know what you want from us (we’re flexible), but crowdfunding benefits will be retrofitted for Foundational Investors, including a yearly membership: season tickets, early access to exclusive shows, discounts on ticket prices and creative classes, a rad t-shirt. That’s a pretty sweet deal!

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Want to Help Right Now?

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