Episode 6 - Cuttsy Wuttsy, German Fitness Specialist

“Doctor” Cuttsy Wuttsy visits the studio to talk about his new martial arts technique inspired by the starfish. Originally having come to America to start a sandwich shop, Cuttsy now makes a meager living as a fitness specialist. He competes in Word or Not a Word, with the help from a very special caller, Harriet. Grolph recounts his transition from weatherman to radioman and his recovery from the superbug. Michelob is still wearing a towel — err, mantle — on his back, and with the help of Cuttsy, Ski has made made the studio the cleanest it’s ever been. This show is brought to you by Frank’s Peanut Fried Almonds.

Originally Aired and Recorded May 28, 2018

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