Episode 3 - #wakeup, Amnesiac Tree Woman

A woman has mysteriously fallen out of a tree behind the studio. Through the haze of amnesia, she (#wakeup) recalls a bat mitzvah (for triplets) 27 years ago and reveals a series of clues including a short bald man, whole milk for dogs, a nightgown, big silk, big book, NutraDebt, and more. Meanwhile Ski has set up a real nice display of bathroom Peeps, Michelobe is passing out his past life woes through his bowels, and Rusty Mexico calls to weigh in on the nutria-beaver infestation on Floor 3.  Though the studio can’t exactly help her, #wakeup just might be able to help the studio. Get ready to be confused -- follow the rabbits!

Originally Aired and Recorded April 1, 2018

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